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For known donation, three separate sessions are part of the process:

Known Donation Counseling Process

  • Donor Interview:
Your donor and their significant other (if applicable) will be interviewed to discuss the long term psycho-social aspects of donation, including what type of relationship they will have with the child born. Fee and details.
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  • Intended Parents Consultation:
You and your significant other (if applicable) will attend a consultation session to cover the ASRM guidelines for psycho-social counsel. Fee and details.
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  • Objective Personality Testing:
Some clinics require this while others do not. Contact your clinic to inquire if this is necessary for your donor. Fee and details.

  • Joint (IP and GC) Counseling Session(s):
Joint sessions are a required part of the process to discuss your expectations and relationship moving forward. Fee and details.

  • Follow-up interviews or sessions (Only if needed)