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Hope, Discouragement, Grief, Repeat

That's Why It's Normal to Get Counseling for Infertility

Infertility impacts your quality of life. You expected to get pregnant when you planned and each month it doesn't happen you feel disappointment and grieve the loss of what might have been. For some, those months turn into years, with treatment failure and pregnancy loss. Infertility feels like a roller coaster ride of of hope and grief. Studies have proven it to be one of the most difficult life challenges a woman can face. If you have been trying to conceive for over 6 months it's time to talk to a fertility counselor. During an infertility counseling session we will explore the social, emotional, relational, physical and medical impact infertility is having on you. Research has shown that getting psychological support during treatment can increase the likelihood that you will stay in treatment to achieve a pregnancy.

Infertility is not just a woman's problem. Research has shown that the medical cause of infertility is about 1/3 male factor, 1/3 female factor and 1/3 a combination of both male and female issues. However, the emotional distress of infertility is 100% a couple's problem and communication and intimacy are top issues. As an infertility expert for over 7 years, I help couples work through emotional and relational stress using various therapeutic techniques.

Facts about Infertility

  • Infertile women are 2-3 times more likely to be depressed and/or anxious.
  • Women report feeling flawed, embarrassed, angry, and guilty and are uncomfortable around pregnant women and babies.
  • Among first timers in fertility clinic, 40% have a psychiatric disorder with the most common being anxiety/depression. This is BEFORE they see physician.
  • 67% of couples report that infertility may be impacting their relationships.
  • Unexplained infertility correlates to higher level of distress.

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Infertility Feelings May Not End After Baby is Home

Studies show that women are more likely to suffer from postpartum depression after going through IVF. It's likely that unresolved grief is part of the cause. Infertility is packed with loss and grieving normally follows loss. In order to achieve the goal of pregnancy, the grieving process may be postponed and surface after the baby is home. Talking about the loss and grief is healthy and part of the healing process. Schedule a counseling session with Jana to work through any unfinished business. She gets it!

A Note from Jana about Infertility Counseling

"It's normal to need counseling support when you are going through infertility. Research shows that infertility can be a major life crisis and mental health support is a key part of the process."

If you have made the decision to use third party reproductive methods or are struggling to make the decision, you'll want to learn more about my sessions for third party counseling, egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation or gestational carriers. Consultation is available through Skype. I look forward to working with you on your journey. Call 214-520-4141 or email me for an appointment via video consultation.

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How Infertility Impacts a Couple Support Group (1/2 payment Upset Infertile Woman

Rainbow Squad Infertilty Support Group6-Weeks of Support

The best support comes from talking with other women like you. Join a 6-week support group facilitated by a professional fertility counselor:
-New topics will be covered each week including:
-Marriage and Infertility
-Coping with Loss
-Social Life: Dealing with Questions from Others

Email [email protected] for details
Infertility consultations are different for each person but may include grief work, stress management, cognitive restructuring, distress tolerance, awareness and/or relationship skill building. (A couple may attend a consultation but the session is not intended as a substitute for marriage therapy. Consultations are an education-based approach.)

  • A baseline assessment of how infertility is impacting you.
  • Clinically based education on infertility.
  • A model for working through infertility loss and grief from miscarriage or failed treatments.
  • Special stress management program designed for infertility

Egg donor pregnancy
Intended parents are encouraged by their doctor and the ASRM to attend counseling prior to an egg or sperm donation procedure or before using a gestational carrier. Counseling for IPs includes the exploration of complex social issues and feelings that may be hard to voice. This counseling session is not intended to be a test you must pass prior to treatment but rather a place to discuss your concerns.

IP counseling is approx 1 hour and covers the topics recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, (ASRM). A brief report for your physician or clinic is included in the fee. A narrative report will be an additional fee.

ASRM Topics for Intended Parent Egg Donation Counseling

  • What are our best options considering our finances?
  • Will my child be upset with me for choosing to conceive this way?
  • How do we choose a donor?
  • Should we tell our child about his/her donor conception?
  • Will I feel like my child isn't really mine?
  • How can I cope with the grief of not having a biological child?
  • Should we tell our family members about using a donor?
  • How do we deal with questions from others?
  • What if this treatment doesn't work?
  • What role will the donor have in our lives, if any?
ASRM Topics for Intended Parent Gestational Carriers (click for more)

Request an appointment or email [email protected].