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  • Research-Based Acupressure Points
  • Engage the Relaxation Response
  • Manage Anxiety & Anger
  • Calm Yourself Instantly
  • Feel Empowered

Learn to reduce anxiety, anger and other intense emotional reactions by engaging the relaxation response through points on your body. Points to Happy is a program that teaches you how to engage the relaxation response through researched-based acupressure points on your body, called acupoints. Acupoints have a powerful calming affect your emotional mid-brain, the area of your brain involved with feelings and stress.

Watch to learn more and get a glimpse of an acupoint!

Calming Technique from Jana Rupnow LPC on Vimeo

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Highly Sensitive Coaching Session
Schedule a one-on-one coaching session online with a certified HSP therapist, Jana Rupnow.

  • what sensitivity means to you.
  • the strengths of the trait.
  • how sensitivity causes you stress.
  • skills to improve relationships & reduce stress.
  • techniques to manage uncomfortable social situations.
Jana received her certification through Dr. Elaine Aron's program to work with highly sensitive people. For credential verification and additional information visit hsperson.com

Skype, Video or Phone Session (55 min)
Session is for a remote consultation including phone, Skype, Face-time, Zoom or other video platform or a contracted rate with your physician's office.
This does not apply to physician recommended third party reproduction screening or counseling. However, follow-up appointments with established clients may use this option.
Individual (1) face-to-face Session
Individual session with Jana face-to-face in her office for any issue you are currently dealing with. Face-to-face counseling is best to address issues like relationship problems, depression, anxiety, infertility, grief and loss, or parenting difficulties.