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  • Research-Based Acupressure Points
  • Engage the Relaxation Response
  • Manage Anxiety & Anger
  • Calm Yourself Instantly
  • Feel Empowered

Learn to reduce anxiety, anger and other intense emotional reactions by engaging the relaxation response through points on your body. Points to Happy is a program that teaches you how to engage the relaxation response through researched-based acupressure points on your body, called acupoints. Acupoints have a powerful calming affect your emotional mid-brain, the area of your brain involved with feelings and stress.

Watch to learn more and get a glimpse of an acupoint!

Calming Technique from Jana Rupnow LPC on Vimeo

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Established Client/Phone Counseling (55 min) Individual (1) Video Session
Session is for a remote phone consultation a contracted rate with your counselor.
This does not apply to physician recommended third party reproduction screening or counseling.
60-minute video session with Jana Rupnow.
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