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Teens can feel difficult to adults because of the rapid developmental changes they are going through. The good news is that we have researched teens and know what they need to transition successfully into adulthood. Harvard published a 100-page paper from the national "Project on the Parenting of Adolescents" by A. Rae Simpson, Administrator of Parenting Programs at MIT, Founding President of the Parenting Education Network of Massachusetts and Consultant to the Center for Health Communication Harvard School of Public Health. www.hsph.harvard.edu/chc/parenting.

In summary, the research showed that teens need 5 Basics from their parents.

5 Basics of Parenting Adolescents

1. Love and Connect
2. Monitor and Observe
3. Guide and Limit
4. Model and Consult
5. Provide and Advocate

Research also recommends that teens have a trusted adult mentor in their lives that is not a parent. The Teen Personality Clinic gives your teen access to a professional that is different from other relationships in their life. The professional provides the role of guide, model, consultant and advocate while the parent is encouraged to do all of the same plus to monitor, limit, provide, love and connect. See more details about the Teen Personality Clinic below the calendar on this page or book an appointment below online or call 214-520-4141.
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Teen Personality Coaching
Teen Personality Clinic
Fee: $240.00

The Teen Personality Clinic is a great way for your teen to engage in positive identity development with an adult mentor. The clinic begins with three, 50-minute sessions scheduled once a week. During the three weeks, your child will learn about his personality traits including his strengths and challenges and how he reacts under stress. After the initial 3 weeks, he may continue with one-to-one coaching for further development.
Prior to the clinic your teen should take the Enneagram RHETI-Full Test Online and email the results to jana@janarupnow.com.
Education and tools from the Search Institute of Harvard and the Enneagram Institute are used during the clinic. Add the Teen Personality Clinic to your cart and book your appointments today.
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