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When Hope HurtsIf hope is a dirty word to you, you’re not alone. Having your hopes crushed is heart breaking and it’s hard (and scary) to muster up the feeling. What if your hopes are crushed again? The ups and downs of infertility treatments can be so discouraging that you may lose hope all together. That means you could be paying thousands of dollars on something you no longer believe in.

What to do? It may sound weird but I don’t encourage my clients to hope again. I know it's too painful but I also don’t want them to lose hope completely. So, where do you go from there? To an in between place, a place between hope and no hope. Most of us have no idea what that is. Think of it as neutral. Neutral isn't where you think about the future or past. It's more like being in the moment. It's an exercise and a skill you can develop with practice. I bet you would like an example so I have one for you! I developed an exercise called Sit-N-Soak that will walk you through an exercise in neutral. I originally created it to help clients with mindful eating and it works really well for that too. It's going to take some time and practice but this is a good place to start. To get a copy of the Sit-N-Soak exercise straight to your inbox, type your email in the box below. Not to worry, I send out helpful tips not more than once a month. Best wishes! -Jana