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Miscarriage Counseling

Pregnancy loss is a difficult and silent struggle. Miscarriage is a profound loss that is hard for others to understand if they have not experienced it. A miscarriage brings up deep personal feelings, spiritual beliefs and relationships differences. Get help coping by talking with someone who understands. Schedule a counseling appointment with Jana by booking
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Upset Infertile Woman
Infertility consultations are different for each person but may include grief work, stress management, cognitive restructuring, distress tolerance, awareness and/or relationship skill building. (A couple may attend a consultation but the session is not intended as a substitute for marriage therapy. Consultations are an education-based approach.)

  • A baseline assessment of how infertility is impacting you.
  • Clinically based education on infertility.
  • A model for working through infertility loss and grief from miscarriage or failed treatments.
  • Special stress management program designed for infertility