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Gestational Carrier Evaluation
Counseling for Intended Parents: Gestational Carrier Recipients

After a couple has exhausted other fertility options, a physician may suggest the use of a gestational carrier. For most couples this can be a confusing and difficult time. Couples are dealing with the loss of carrying a pregnancy and wondering how to navigate a relationship with a gestational carrier.

Counseling is recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine prior to participation in a third party procedure. Counseling will address issues like grief management, dealing with the risks of a gestational carrier relationship, discussion of medical decisions, management of expectations, future contact and relationship between families, compensation agreement, and dealing with the unknown including health complications. Learn more about the psychological preparation required.

If you are considering egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation or using a gestational carrier, request an appointment. Jana M. Rupnow is licensed professional therapist and follows the ASRM guidelines for counseling and consultation. You may also email
[email protected].

Gestational Carrier Screening and Intended Parent Counseling Process
  1. Mental Health Status Exam Interview in office/Skype
  2. Psychological Narrative (Full Report)
  3. Intended Parents Counseling Session
  4. Objective Personality Testing
  5. Joint (IP and GC) Counseling Session(s)
  6. Follow-up interviews or sessions if needed hourly (fee prorated)

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Egg donor pregnancy
Intended parents are encouraged by their doctor and the ASRM to attend counseling prior to an egg or sperm donation procedure or before using a gestational carrier. Counseling for IPs includes the exploration of complex social issues and feelings that may be hard to voice. This counseling session is not intended to be a test you must pass prior to treatment but rather a place to discuss your concerns.

IP counseling is approx 1 hour and covers the topics recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, (ASRM). A brief report for your physician or clinic is included in the fee. A narrative report will be an additional fee.

ASRM Topics for Intended Parent Egg Donation Counseling

  • What are our best options considering our finances?
  • Will my child be upset with me for choosing to conceive this way?
  • How do we choose a donor?
  • Should we tell our child about his/her donor conception?
  • Will I feel like my child isn't really mine?
  • How can I cope with the grief of not having a biological child?
  • Should we tell our family members about using a donor?
  • How do we deal with questions from others?
  • What if this treatment doesn't work?
  • What role will the donor have in our lives, if any?
ASRM Topics for Intended Parent Gestational Carriers (click for more)

Request an appointment or email [email protected].