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The language of Infertility is complex and loaded with acronyms! Below I define the most commonly used acroynms:

2WW- Two-week wait
AHI- At home insemination
AI- Old acronym for artificial insemination
ART- Assisted reproductive technology
BeTa- Huma chorionic gonadotropin (HGC) hormone pregnancy test
BFN- Big fat negative pregnancy test result
BFP- Big fat positive pregnancy test result
DEIVF- Donor egg in-vitro fertilization
Donor- Person who donates sperm or an egg to help another couple conceive
DC- Donor conceived individual
FET- Frozen embryo transfer
FSH- Follicle-stimulating hormone
GC- Gestational carrier (non-biological woman carrying the child of another)
HCG- Human chorionic gonadotropic. A hormone produced after an embryo implants to uterine wall.
ICSI- Instracytoplasmic sperm injection. One sperm injected into an egg
IP- Intended parents (using donated gametes or a gestational carrier)
IUI- Inter-uterine insemination
IVF- In vitro fertilization
LH- Luteinizing hormone secreted by anterior pituitary gland that stimulates ovulation.
MFI- Male factor infertility
NIAW- National infertility awareness week
OB/GYN Obstetrician/Gynecologist
OHSS- Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome
PCOS- Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome
POF- Premature ovarian failure
PUPO- Pregnant until proven otherwise
RE- Reproductive endocrinologist
RESOLVE- National group dedicated to infertilty awareness
TTC- Trying to conceive

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Jana Rupnow, LPC Jana M. Rupnow, MA, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor and consultant specializing in fertility and family building. Her best-selling book, Three Makes Baby-How to Parent Your Donor-Conceived Child, introduced the world to the “five common fears” that parents face as they contemplate having a non-biological child. Thousands of readers around the world have trusted the wisdom and guidance because knows firsthand what it’s like to be in a non-biological family, as an adoptee and adoptive mom.

Rupnow also faced infertility and has helped thousands of people face the challenges of infertility as well as those preparing to grow their family in non-traditional ways. Working as an independent, Rupnow has fostered relationships with endocrinologists across the United States. Her thorough and conscientious work has received the attention of notable organizations, including the Donor Conception Network and Embryo Awareness Group. Rupnow’s work, including the Three Makes Baby podcast, encourages communication between donor conceived parents and donor conceived adults, to raise awareness of the inherent challenges donor conceived families may face across the lifespan.

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