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Egg and Sperm Donor Counseling and Consultation as per American Society of Reproductive Medicine Guidelines

Egg and Sperm Donation Counseling:

Before considering egg or sperm donation, it's important to consult with a professional who can provide comprehensive information, prepare you for the physical demands involved (egg donors), and help you understand the long-term psychological and social implications of the process.

Agency Donation Evaluation:

Most agencies and clinics follow a standardized evaluation process for potential donors. This process includes a 60-minute interview, in accordance with ASRM guidelines. Additionally, many clinics, agencies, and physicians may require donors to complete a personality inventory assessment, such as the MMPI-2 or PAI. Learn more about PAI or MMPI-2 Testing.

Donor Evaluation Process (for the Donor)
  1. Donor Mental Health Status Exam Interview
  2. Psychological Narrative (Full Report)
  3. PAI or MMPI-2 Testing

Known Donation Process

If you are a known donor, you may be required to attend a session only or attend a session and take an objective assessment,
PAI or MMPI-2 Testing. It is important to find out your clinic or agency requirements. Learn more about known donation counseling or consultation.

Consultations available via tele-counseling.
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Physician Report Psychological Report (Full length) Personality Administration and Report
Physician Report
Fee: $60.00
Fertility clinics, physicians and/or agencies require a report outlining the topics we cover in counseling according to the American Society of reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines. The report will be sent to your clinic or doctor upon your release a week after your session.
Full length psychological reports are narrative reports required by certain clinics and agencies after a mental status exam. These are most applicable to egg donation screening and gestational carrier screening.
In adherence with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines, clinics and agencies require donors and gestational carriers to have an objective personality test as part of the qualification process. This test rules out mental disorders and other psychological problems that could negatively interfere with the process. The test also determines if the donor or carrier's self-report answers were honest.

We have the ability to offer both the MMPI-2 and PAI for personality testing. Read more about each test and reporting below:

As an objective approach to assessing human personality, the MMPI has long “set the standard.” Copyrighted in 1943 and revised as the MMPI-2 Test in 1989, it remains–as it has been for decades–the most widely used of all personality tests.

No test instrument nor practical application of that instrument is better than its interpretation. Since 1969, Caldwell Report has endeavored to set the interpretive standard. Widely known for its accuracy, depth, and clinical utility, each Caldwell Report is backed by the expertise of Alex B. Caldwell, Ph.D

The Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) is an objective inventory of adult personality that assesses psycho-pathological syndromes and provides information relevant for clinical diagnosis, treatment planning, and screening for psychopathology. Scoring and reporting is provided through PariConnect.

Fee is for test only and does not include sessions with professional.

Schedule an appointment online, email [email protected] or call 214-520-4141. For video conference appointments, consent paperwork and payment must be received in advance. If a full psychological report or mental status interview are required, please add those options to your package.
Egg donor pregnancy Egg Donor Mental Status Exam
Donors/GC Session
Fee: $255.00
Intended parents are encouraged by their doctor and the ASRM to attend counseling prior to an egg or sperm donation procedure or before using a gestational carrier. Counseling for IPs includes the exploration of complex social issues and feelings that may be hard to voice. This counseling session is not intended to be a test you must pass prior to treatment but rather a place to discuss your concerns.

IP counseling is approx 1 hour and covers the topics recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, (ASRM). A brief report for your physician or clinic is included in the fee. A narrative report will be an additional fee.

ASRM Topics for Intended Parent Egg Donation Counseling

  • What are our best options considering our finances?
  • Will my child be upset with me for choosing to conceive this way?
  • How do we choose a donor?
  • Should we tell our child about his/her donor conception?
  • Will I feel like my child isn't really mine?
  • How can I cope with the grief of not having a biological child?
  • Should we tell our family members about using a donor?
  • How do we deal with questions from others?
  • What if this treatment doesn't work?
  • What role will the donor have in our lives, if any?
ASRM Topics for Intended Parent Gestational Carriers (click for more)

Request an appointment or email [email protected].

A Mental Status Interview is a 60 minute psychological interview conducted by a mental health professional in office or through video conferencing. Potential egg, sperm, embryo donors or gestational carriers that must be screened will be interviewed according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines.

Request an appointment online, email [email protected] or call 214-520-4141. If a personality test and/or full psychological report are required, please add those options to your package.