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Professional counseling via Skype is available for most services. Paperwork and consent forms must be completed prior to your first session. Book online or Email or call our office for a video, office or phone appointment.
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Personality Plus NOW
Personality Plus NOW
Fee: $49.00

Personality Plus NOW
-Take the Enneagram online personality assessment online & email the results to jana@janarupnow.com
-Then we will set up a 20 minute phone session to discuss what it means, set goals and begin an online coaching relationship.

This is a great way to gain a better understanding of the way you relate to the world and others in relationships at home and the office. Add Life Coach NOW counseling packages to continue counseling work and goal setting.
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$49 Special
$49 Special
Fee: $99.00
Discounted Investment: $49.00
Savings: $50.00

A 50-minute professional counseling, consulting or coaching session over the phone with Jana M Rupnow. In this call, we will focus on a single issue that you need immediate help with. This package is best for specific, less complex problems.
To schedule a 50-minute phone session, request an appointment day/time that works best for you. You can pay online right away or wait until you receive a return email. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on payment and contact details.
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Upset Infertile Woman
Infertility Counseling Session (In Office)
Fee: $145.00

Infertility counseling is different for each person but may include grief work, stress management, cognitive restructuring, distress tolerance, awareness and/or relationship skill building.
  • A baseline assessment of how infertility is impacting you.
  • Clinically based education on infertility.
  • A model for working through infertility loss and grief from miscarriage or failed treatments.
  • Special stress management program designed for infertility
Add on the IVF counseling mini-series for stress management during your IVF cycle.
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IVF Coaching Mini-Series
IVF Coaching Mini-Series
Fee: $175.00

Studies have also shown that getting support during treatment helps a woman endure the stress and stay in treatment longer.
The IVF coaching mini-series is three, 30-minute one-on-one Skype sessions or doctor office sessions with Jana Rupnow, an expert fertility counselor and consultant. The coaching sessions are designed to help you during IVF treatment and include researched-based acupoints to manage intense emotions. We start with 4 clinically researched acupressure points but you can expand to 12 points for deeper work on anger, depression and anxiety. Interested in the IVF Coaching Mini-Series? Call 214-520-4141 or email jana@janarupnow.com.
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Egg donor pregnancy
Intended Parents Session + Report
Fee: $190.00

Intended parents are encouraged by their doctor to attend counseling prior to an egg or sperm donation procedure or before using a gestational carrier. Counseling for IPs includes the exploration of complex social issues and feelings that may be hard to voice. This counseling session is not intended to be a test you must pass prior to treatment but rather a place to discuss your concerns.

IP counseling is approx 1 hour 10 min and covers the topics recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, (ASRM). A brief report for your physician or clinic is included in the fee.

ASRM Topics for Intended Parent Egg Donation Counseling

  • What are our best options considering our finances?
  • How do we choose a donor?
  • What role will the donor have in our lives, if any?
  • Should we tell our child about his/her donor conception?
  • Will I feel like my child isn't really mine?
  • I am upset about not having a bio child. Is that ok?
  • Should we tell our family members about using a donor?
  • How do we deal with questions from others?
  • What if this treatment doesn't work?
  • Will my child be upset with me for choosing to conceive this way?
ASRM Topics for Intended Parent Gestational Carriers (click for more)

To schedule an appointment email jana@janarupnow.com or call 214-520-4141. For video conference appointments, consent paperwork and payment must be received in advance.

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Gestational Carrier and Intended Parent Joint Session
Gestational Carrier and Intended Parent Joint Session
Fee: $200.00

After the gestational carrier's (GC) mental status interview is complete, the GC and intended parents (IP) attend a 70 minute joint counseling session. During the joint session, members meet with the same counselor to outline expectations and discuss concerns. This session should be conducted face-to-face or through video conference. Joint or individual follow-up sessions are encouraged for the duration of the pregnancy through delivery if needed.

Individual GC sessions or MMPI testing and reporting are separate fees.
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Individual sessions (2) + talk NOW
Individual sessions (2) + talk NOW
Fee: $339.00
Discounted Fee $290.00
Savings: $49.00

Purchase two, 50 minute sessions and receive a Talk NOW session FREE.
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Individual sessions (3) 10% off
Individual sessions (3) 10% off
Fee: $435.00
Discounted Investment: $370.00
Savings: $65.00

More sessions=more healing. It takes time to heal and if you invest and engage in the process, the pay-offs in your life can be exponential. Purchase 3 individual sessions and receive 10% off. Payment plans are available if purchased through PayPal.
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Complete confidentiality over the internet cannot be guaranteed due to possible interceptions by a third party. I make every reasonable effort to ensure all services and documentation are kept confidential.