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Egg donor pregnancy Joint Session Joint Session
Joint Session
Fee: $250.00
Joint Session
Fee: $250.00
Intended parents are encouraged by their doctor and the ASRM to attend counseling prior to an egg or sperm donation procedure or before using a gestational carrier. Counseling for IPs includes the exploration of complex social issues and feelings that may be hard to voice. This counseling session is not intended to be a test you must pass prior to treatment but rather a place to discuss your concerns.

IP counseling is approx 1 hour and covers the topics recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, (ASRM). A brief report for your physician or clinic is included in the fee. A narrative report will be an additional fee.

ASRM Topics for Intended Parent Egg Donation Counseling

  • What are our best options considering our finances?
  • Will my child be upset with me for choosing to conceive this way?
  • How do we choose a donor?
  • Should we tell our child about his/her donor conception?
  • Will I feel like my child isn't really mine?
  • How can I cope with the grief of not having a biological child?
  • Should we tell our family members about using a donor?
  • How do we deal with questions from others?
  • What if this treatment doesn't work?
  • What role will the donor have in our lives, if any?
ASRM Topics for Intended Parent Gestational Carriers (click for more)

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Joint sessions for intended parents and known donors are important to manage expectations and discuss the long-term psycho-social aspect of donation conception on both future families and the children born through donation conception.

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Joint consultation session. During the joint session, members meet with the same counselor to outline expectations and discuss concerns. This session should be conducted face-to-face or through video conference. Joint or individual follow-up sessions may be encouraged if needed.
Individual sessions or MMPI testing and reporting are separate fees.
Complete confidentiality over the internet cannot be guaranteed due to possible interceptions by a third party. I make every reasonable effort to ensure all services and documentation are kept confidential.