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    • Discover the Power of IVF Counseling and Coaching

      When you've been on the journey to conceive for approximately a year (or six months if you're over 35) and your doctor recommends IVF treatments, it can be challenging news to digest. You may find yourself wrestling with complex emotions and uncertainties about the process. That's where infertility counseling can make all the difference.

      IVF Counseling:

      IVF treatments can take an immense toll, both emotionally and physically. It's not uncommon for women to reach a point where they exclaim, 'I just can't do it anymore!' Having depleted their emotional reserves, the prospect of undergoing another round of treatment feels unbearable. While your medical team focuses on your physical well-being, it's equally crucial to prioritize your mental health. Research has even suggested a link between stress reduction and improved pregnancy rates. That's why I recommend seeking counseling before reaching the point of treatment burnout.

      Key Facts about IVF Treatment:

      • Those who begin treatment with high levels of distress are more likely to discontinue after just one cycle.
      • Stress ranks as the primary reason patients drop out of treatment.
      • Many patients conceal their distress from their physicians.

      When Should You Consider Talking to Someone?

      You may benefit from IVF counseling if:

      • Thoughts about getting pregnant consume your mind.
      • You feel the need for more extensive conversations with your doctor than they can provide.

    • Booking Your Appointment with a Fertility Counselor:

      Infertility consultations are tailored to each individual but may include grief work, stress management, cognitive restructuring, distress tolerance, self-awareness, and relationship skill-building. (Please note that while couples may attend consultations, they are not a substitute for marriage therapy, focusing instead on education.)

      Your consultation will encompass:

      • An initial assessment of how infertility impacts you.
      • Clinically grounded education on infertility.
      • A structured approach to navigating the grief and loss associated with miscarriage or failed treatments.
      • Specialized stress management techniques designed for infertility.

      To schedule your fertility consultation, select 'Video Session' on our online calendar and include a note indicating your interest in a couples consultation. Please provide specific details about your goals for the consultation. For maximum benefit, both participants should complete the Feriqol assessment online prior to the session. Book your appointment today!

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Upset Infertile Woman
Infertility consultations are different for each person but may include grief work, stress management, cognitive restructuring, distress tolerance, awareness and/or relationship skill building. (A couple may attend a consultation but the session is not intended as a substitute for marriage therapy. Consultations are an education-based approach.)

  • A baseline assessment of how infertility is impacting you.
  • Clinically based education on infertility.
  • A model for working through infertility loss and grief from miscarriage or failed treatments.
  • Special stress management program designed for infertility