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Jana Rupnow is a licensed professional counselor and speaker who specializes in reproductive counseling related to infertility. She has a thriving practice in Dallas, has been published through the Baylor Medical Center and has helped hundreds of families through their journeys of infertility, adoption, or donor conception. She has personal experience with non-genetic families, as an adoptee and adoptive mom.

    Jana Rupnow Counseling Offers:

  • Individual Counseling and Consultation
  • Digital Wellness Courses
  • Couples
  • Teens
  • Adoption
  • Infertility
  • Third Party Reproduction Counseling and Evaluation
    • Egg Donation
    • Embryo Donation
    • Sperm Donation
    • Gestational Carrier/Surrogacy Relationships
Sign up for an individual session with Jana or a more budget-friendly coaching session via phone or video platform. Remote sessions will need to be paid for in advance through this website. If you are ready to really invest in yourself, choose a package with multiple sessions and receive a 10-20% discount. That's when real change can unfold. Book an appointment through the encrypted platform below, call 214-520-4141 or email your contact information and times that you would like an appointment. Evening appointments book fast.

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$49 Special
$49 Special
Fee: $99.00
Discounted Investment: $49.00
Savings: $50.00

A 50-minute professional counseling, consulting or coaching session over the phone with Jana M Rupnow. In this call, we will focus on a single issue that you need immediate help with. This package is best for specific, less complex problems.
To schedule a 50-minute phone session, request an appointment day/time that works best for you. You can pay online right away or wait until you receive a return email. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on payment and contact details.
Skype, Video or Phone Session (55 min)
Skype, Video or Phone Session (55 min)
Fee: $99.00

Session is for a remote consultation including phone, Skype, Face-time, Zoom or other video platform or a contracted rate with your physician's office.
This does not apply to physician recommended third party reproduction screening or counseling. However, follow-up appointments with established clients may use this option.
Individual (1) face-to-face Session
Individual (1) face-to-face Session
Fee: $145.00

Individual session with Jana face-to-face in her office for any issue you are currently dealing with. Face-to-face counseling is best to address issues like relationship problems, depression, anxiety, infertility, grief and loss, or parenting difficulties.
Couples Counseling
Couples Counseling
Fee: $175.00

Couples counseling sessions are about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I begin by having each person take the Enneagram online test. Effective couples work involves didactic work, education, skill-building, commitment and follow-up work at home after each session.
Couples consultation can be done over Skype or another video platform.
Couples Counseling Session
Couples Counseling Session
Fee: $175.00

Couples that are not able to conceive or deliver may seek the assistance of a third member using reproductive technology. Whether couples use an anonymous or known donor, most physicians require them to meet with an infertility counselor before treatment. It's good to talk about your concerns with a professional before moving forward.

To schedule an appointment online, email jana@janarupnow.com or call 214-520-4141. For video conference appointments, consent paperwork and payment must be received in advance.