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Embryo Donation/Adoption Counseling for Donating and Recipient Parent Relationships

Intended parents should attend an intended parent counseling session at the beginning of their journey to cover the unique aspects embryo donation/adoption. Counseling and screening is key to understanding this special life-long connection. The counseling for embryo donation/adoption includes a 60 minute counseling or consultation session to cover guidelines outlined by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). In addition, objective psychological testing is required for recipient parents.
There are 5 possible steps
in counseling process (listed below). All steps are recommended for a successful relationship, although not every step is required in each case. Your process will be determined by your clinic, agency, psychotherapist and type of relationship between recipients and donors.

Embryo Donation/Adoption Counseling Process

  1. Intended Parents Counseling Session
  2. Objective Personality Testing
  3. Psychological Narrative (Full Report)
  4. Joint (IP and Donor) Counseling Session
  5. Follow-up interviews or sessions if needed hourly (fee prorated)

Book Appointment OnlineRequest a 'Fertility Consultation' appointment online
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Embryo donation counseling addresses many of the same concerns and questions as egg donation and adoption. Call me at 214-520-4141 or send an email for more information.
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Psychological Report (Full length) Embryo Donation Consultation
Full length psychological reports are narrative reports required by certain clinics and agencies after a mental status exam. These are most applicable to egg donation screening and gestational carrier screening.
An embryo donation/adoption counseling session is 1 hour and covers the recommended ASRM topics, objective testing for 1 person and a psychological report sent to your physician's office.

Additional sessions or testing may be recommended by the agency or doctor you are working with. Additional testing or written reports are billed separately on a prorated basis. Jana M Rupnow is available for telecounseling on Zoom.