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Offices in Dallas Metroplex
801 E. Campbell Road, #152
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IVF Coaching Mini-Series
IVF Coaching Mini-Series

Fee: $175.00

Service Provided
Studies have also shown that getting support during treatment helps a woman endure the stress and stay in treatment longer.
The IVF coaching mini-series is three, 30-minute one-on-one Skype sessions or doctor office sessions with Jana Rupnow, an expert fertility counselor and consultant. The coaching sessions are designed to help you during IVF treatment and include researched-based acupoints to manage intense emotions. We start with 4 clinically researched acupressure points but you can expand to 12 points for deeper work on anger, depression and anxiety. Interested in the IVF Coaching Mini-Series? Call 214-520-4141 or email jana@janarupnow.com.